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Select shots from a whirlwind tour of villages near Allepey & Kottayam.



Long live the revolution

The Yellow Taxi & the City of Joy

They call Calcutta, the City of Joy. Maybe because its the yellow, the ubiquitous yellow in the city.  Its hard to miss the yellow of the Taxis and the taxis themselves. That yellow makes them the perfect prop for a photographer. Here are a few moments stolen from the city life seen along with the ubiquitous taxis.

Lamp Kites or Tukkals

Night Sky : Uttarayan

Uttarayan is the kite festival celebrated in Ahmedabad. The buzz for Uttarayan is phenomenal. Several days to go and people start getting into the festive mood, some would start arranging even rent terraces for kite flying. If you stay in Ahmedabad then ofcourse you would have to have a plan for Uttarayan. I too had one, shoot the skies. The day is quite eclectic but it is no match to the night sky. The night sky  is on fire with the lantern kites or ‘tukkals’ as they are known. The sky matches any of those scenes from Hollywood movies where the aliens invade and fill the skies with lighted UFOs, as the ‘tukkals’ fill the sky like a thousand lanterns in a galaxy.

Here are the visual proofs of this stunning festival of kites and lights!

Eurasian Spoonbill

Pre Monsoon Birding at Thol Lake

From Archives: This is mid 2012, just before monsoon when we spent two beautiful morning at Thol lake. Just as a sidenote I also lost my camera lens in this wilderness only to be found later after a night of rain. : )

Morning sun at Thol Lake

Winter end at Thol Lake

Here is how I spent one fine morning in the end of January 2013. At the beautful Thol lake, a morning clad in pink and orange of the morning sun glistening over the lake. The waters were filled with golden orange interspersed by birds and vegetation growth.

Treehouse at Mahal Camping grounds

Camping in Forests of Dangs

Dangs is an unique hilly and heavily forested district. The district is the meeting ground of the Satpura ranges from central India and the sahaydris stretching to the south. Read More

Palace Gates -small

Sojourn through Rajasthan – II, Udaipur

This was the later leg of my drive through Rajasthan, Enroute Ahmedabad. I spent a morning at the Lake palace in Udaipur. Maharana Pratap’s Mewar dynasty ruled this kingdom. The palace also retells the story of the Battle of Haldi Ghati and Maharan Pratap’s tete-a-tete with the Mughal Forces with a number of exhibits within the museum of city palace.

Gateway to the Pink City

Sojourn through Rajasthan I

Gateway to the Pink City

Gateway to the Pink City

Snaps of some of the forts and palaces in Rajasthan that I took during my travel through the state last week. Met my good old friends, drove a thousand kilometres and shot another thousand photographs. Here are a few that are worth looking at I guess. This is part I that includes snaps from the city of Jaipur with a lot of them from the Fort of Amer. Gallery below.

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Four Spotted Owlets in a row

Bhindawas Lake Birding

Four Spotted Owlets in a row

Amazing Spotted Owlets

The first weekend of 2012 was spent on a half day trip to Bhindawas Lake. Although the poor management of the lake beckons for improvement, but the birds at the lake were in plenty. Perhaps all the more reason that Bhindawas should get be better management and conserved. Irrespective of that however we saw a number of species including some good raptor sightings, which included the peregrine falcon, though we couldn’t photograph the fellow.

The gallery below contains a some of the birds we sighted at Bhindawas.

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Majestic Morning Mist

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, December Trails

Captures from the Sultanpur lake in the beginning of December. We spotted some migratory birds and lots of local migratory birds. The best of all of them was the pied kingfisher, although not considered uncommon but for me it has always been a bird to look out for. I have come across this fellow only a few times. This time ofcourse was special as he gave us a lot of time to photograph himself!

Majestic Morning Mist

Majestic Morning Mist

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Red Munia

Give Me Red

Red Munia

Red Munia

Red Munia. When I was capturing this shot, it reminded me of the tales I had heard in my childhood of fairies who appeared on the flick of the magic feathers. Holding in its beak a white feather when this bird appeared in front of me, I was stunned for a while. On its red feathers, the white dots looked like, as if the God dabbed her feathers in white dots with his paintbrush as a final mark of his craftsmanship. After a little while, I rushed to clasp my camera firmly and started clicking discretely and praying that I don’t spoil these shots. Today when I look back at this shot I cant stop marvelling still- A red angel who appeared in front of me at the fag end of my trail. Yes you made my day. Give me Red.